News Alert: Fire kills 3, injures 8

It was supposed to be a relaxing and fun-filled time at the New Jersey shore. Instead, it turned out to be a nightmare for some.

An early morning fire killed three people at a Jersey shore motel. In addition, eight people were critically injured as the wind-shipped fire rushed across the motel while several other people are unaccounted for at this time.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals and treated for broken bones, burns, and smoke inhalation. Some leaped to safety from the second story of the motel.

The fire burned quickly through the wooden structure, stirred by a strong wind. Flames blowing out the windows of the motel made most people unreachable.

However, one woman’s quick thinking saved her life – firefighters spotted her standing fully clothed inside the shower stall of her room with the water running.

Investigators are combing through the wreckage to determine how it started. They are also trying to determine how many people were staying in the motel when the fire broke out since the motel’s office was destroyed along with the most recent records.  Injures around 40 people.

Some told investigators that the smoke alarms sounded only after they had already evacuated and that the smoke detectors didn’t go off immediately. They said that one minute there were flames on the corner of a building and within five minutes the entire building was in flames.

The motel also housed victims of the ‘Hurricane Sandy’ that left their homes uninhabitable about a year and a half ago.

Victims of a motel fire that resulted from another person’s negligence may not only suffer severe burn injuries and emotional distress, they may lose all of their possessions and property, such as their automobile. An experienced attorney is the way to go in these situations.

When determining liability, courts will look at the steps taken to allow guests to safely escape from the fire, including adequate smoke detectors and passable access to stairways. Many, especially small children, are susceptible to being overcome or made ill by fumes and smoke.

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