The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home might be one of the most difficult you ever make.

Some of the warning signs that might lead you to begin to consider a nursing home could be subtle and harmless, while others can be major and might cause great harm if not addressed. It is important to be honest with yourself and your loved one about the potential for harm if he or she is left to continue self-care without the professional assistance afforded in a nursing home or care facility.

One such serious sign that it may be time to consider a nursing home is if your loved one experiences increasing lapses in memory or confusion when it comes to medications. Forgetting to take a daily pill or confusing two pills is common as the time for a nursing home approaches.

Another reason for consideration of a nursing home might be after a medical procedure or other medical crisis. Your loved one may need frequent monitoring.

The Nursing Home Reform Act requires all nursing homes in the United States to encourage and protect the rights of each nursing home resident by developing policies and procedures prohibiting abuse and neglect among the residents.

New Jersey has formed and implemented its own Bill of Rights that protects nursing home residents. Each nursing home resident is entitled to the:

  • right to privacy
  • right to refuse medical care
  • right to manage his own dealings and interactions
  • right to visitation without restriction
  • right to a safe and sanitary living condition
  • right to good care
  • right to complain about any administration without retaliation from the nursing home staff

What happens if you finally made the decision to put your loved one in a nursing home and after a short time, he or she starts complaining about being neglected or abused? It is important to monitor your loved one’s situation.

It can be difficult to believe your loved one could be a victim of nursing home elder abuse or neglect. Some of the signs are obvious; others are not. Knowing what to look for can help you know for sure. Look for:

  • bed sores
  • dehydrated or malnourished
  • suffered one too many falls
  • unsanitary conditions
  • a decline in his or her overall level of functioning

Nursing home abuse can be devastating. If your loved one has experienced this, you have every right to be upset. You have every right to feel hurt and angry.

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