NYC Medical Malpractice Settlement of $780,000

In a recent case settled by Michael Lizzi, recovery was obtained for a 29 year old man who suffered a back injury and subsequent fusion surgery while engaging in a box lifting exercise undertaken as part of a work conditioning program at a New York physical therapy facility. We obtained a settlement of $700,000 plus an additional reduction of $80,000 in a worker’s compensation lien (total $780,000) for our client.

When you go to a medical professional for healing, the last thing you expect is to get injured further. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered injury because of the negligence of a hospital, doctor, nurse, physical therapist, or any other practitioner, you need to speak to an experienced lawyer who can help you get what you deserve. We can be that law firm for you, contact us online or over the phone at (210) 585-9111.