Passaic County Accident & Injury Attorneys

With beautiful mountains and picturesque lakes in the north, and the bustling excitement of the New York Metropolitan area in the south, Passaic County is one of the most diverse places to call home in New Jersey. Over 500,000 people live and work in this industrious, steadily growing part of the state, with the vast majority calling the dense urban areas of Patterson and Passaic their home. The rural beauty of the northern half and the metropolitan nature of the southern half of Passaic County each serve to make this such a unique and interesting part of the state.

With the New York metropolitan area energizing and vitalizing the region, economic and population growth is an inevitability, bringing more people to live in Passiac County and more companies to set up business there. With new business must come new construction, new jobs, new daily work routines. With over 71% of residents commuting to work, that means more people on the roads. The growth of the community inevitably means more activity, and more activity inevitably means more accidents.

Accidents can happen anywhere – out shopping, commuting to work, or during your usual workday. Sometimes you make mistakes. And sometimes other people make mistakes, and you have to deal with the consequences. If you live Passaic County and have suffered an injury or loss in the workplace or while driving, an experienced personal injury attorney can be invaluable.