Fort Lee police awarded grant to combat drunk driving

At holiday time, such as Christmas and New Year’s, otherwise sensible people feel compelled to party down and once their judgment is sufficiently impaired, sometimes get behind the wheel.

That means danger on the roads. Along with all the festivities at holiday time come campaigns to try and remind us as drivers that we share the roads with everyone. These campaigns promote responsible driving and make us aware of the fact that there are increases in pedestrian activity, more motorists on the roads, and a significantly higher amount of people who drink and drive.

Fort Lee police are doing something about that. They have received a $4,400 grant to crack down on drunk driving through the holiday season. Grants were awarded to 144 police departments statewide and 13 in Bergen County.

In case you didn’t notice, extra patrols were out at sobriety checkpoints, as part of the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign started during the holiday season.

With the urge for many people to have a holiday drink or two, law enforcement officials see a jump in the number of drunk and impaired drivers compared to the rest of the year. Police were out and about in order to send their message – “If you chose to drink and drive, you will be arrested every time, no exception.”

Last year there were approximately 157 deaths linked to impaired driving.

When people drink and then drive, they are placing a severe amount of danger on the lives of everyone on the road. When a person drinks and drives, there are things that can be affected, including:

  • Ability to make sound judgment calls
  • Increase in speed
  • Forcing their way in and out of the flow of traffic
  • Failure to follow posted traffic signs or street lights
  • Not using normal safety precautions while handling their vehicle
  • Reaction times for maneuvering, braking or changing lanes can be dramatically reduced

If you were unfortunate to get into an accident due to the other person’s negligence or being drunk, it would be wise if your contacted a skilled personal injury attorney for the help you need.

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