Presenting Emotional Pain and Suffering

Frequently the patient is afraid or embarrassed to disclose the psychological problems evolving from long term pain, suffering and disability for fear of being looked upon as a cry baby or not well balanced.

Frequently the patient will hide his chronic symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for fear of being called “crazy.”

The Treating or Evaluating Psychologist becomes the spokesperson of the Emotional Hurt and Mental Agony the patient is suffering, relieving them of the burden of such testimony. The Psychologist takes the jury through the world of psychological trauma to make the emotional hurt understandable and show it as a real aspect of damages.

Yes, it may be in the mind but what are we but our minds. If it is hurt is real to the mind it is then real to the body. Presenting your emotional pain if just as important as proving negligence or fault. Contact MDL for a free consultation with an attorney who cares for your mental well being just as much as your physical.