Bus accidents can leave victims with serious injuries. This past friday night there was a collision involving an MTA bus and an airport shuttle van. This accident left ten people injured including the driver, and four other in critical condition, all were taken to New York Hospital Queens.

The accident happened on Northern Blvd and Prince St around 10 p.m.

According to the Police the airport shuttle ran the red light, just before it hit the MTA bus. The MTA bus was making a left turn onto Prince Street, when the van ran the red light it broadsided the bus. All the people in the shuttle van including the driver were injured, the MTA bus was out of service during the time of the collision. Only the driver was on board.

The investigation is still underway, there were no arrest made so far.

Of the ten people injured, four were in critical condition, five others in serious condition and one with a minor injury. All were taken to New York Hospital Queens.

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