Even though Aston Martin vehicles are among the world’s fastest and most expensive vehicles on the road, it doesn’t mean they are immune to a little counterfeit plastic.

Yes, counterfeit plastic. What is that, you ask? The British automaker announced a recall of almost all cars manufactured from 2008 to 2014 to fix an issue with the gas pedal. The recall affects approximately 17,590 cars globally, 5,000 of which are in the United States.

The issue is related to counterfeit plastics used in the arm of the gas pedal. Although Aston Martin’s engineers specified the piece needed to be made from brand-name DuPont plastic, the third-tier supplier in China thought otherwise – they used an inferior plastic. The cheaper plastic can break under a lighter load than Aston would prefer.

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “If the accelerator pedal arm breaks, the engine will return to idle and the driver will be unable to maintain or increase engine speed – increasing the risk of a crash.”

The models include:

  • The 4-door Rapide and Rapide S
  • V-12 Vantage Coupe
  • DB9, DBS, Virage, V-8 Vantage and Vantage S – coupes and convertibles

If you own one of these vehicles, you will be notified accordingly to take them to your dealer for a free repair.

To date, Aston Martin is not aware of any consumer injuries, harm or accidents.

Motor vehicle defects and faulty vehicle components can result in injuries or death to innocent people by increasing the likelihood of a car accident or failing to properly protect the occupants in the event of a car accident.

When an automobile defect is suspected as the cause or a contributing factor in a car accident that causes injury or death, a product liability claim may be in order.

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