Various private manufacturers and government agencies have issued mandatory recalls. These consumer product recalls are defective, can cause serious injury, have a manufacturer defect making them a safety risk for all consumers.  For more recall information about these and all other U.S. Government Recalls, click here.

Consumer Products

Blinds To Go Custom-made window shades pose a hazard of strangulation in small children when the shade’s chain or cord loop slips out of its hold-down device.

“Ride Smooth” themed children’s pajamas were recalled by Smooth Industries due to violation of Federal Flammability Standards and the risk of burn injuries to children wearers.

Trailz brand strollers were recalled due to the stroller handle breaking while in use. This could result in a fall hazard to an infant.

Giant factories issued a recall on a specific gas water heaters due to the risk of fire or explosion. This applies to units with space between the bottom of the water tank and its combustion chamber. The flame arrestor plate can fail, resulting in fire or explosion if flammable gases are in a nearby area.

Foods, Medicines, Cosmetics

Kanan Enterprises has issued a recall of macadamia nuts due to contamination of the salmonella bacteria. The organism can cause serious illness and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elderly people, and people with weakened immune systems.

Vehicle Recalls

Owners of the Chrysler Fiat 500 EV vehicle between years 2013-2015 and manufactured March 27, 2012 – November 1, 2014 are to await a phone call issuing the recall or contact Chrysler customer service. The software between the Electric Vehicle Control Unit and Battery Pack Control Module may cause the electric system in the car to shut down. This could greatly increase the risk of a crash.

BMW is also issuing recalls on many vehicles of the 2014 model year, as improper nickel plating within components of the fuel system may cause complete failure of the fuel pump. The vehicle may stall without warning if the fuel system fails, resulting in a crash.

Child Safety Seat Recalls

Be wary if you own a child safety seat made by the Evenflo Company from times during December 2011 through May 2013. Usage over time can lead to the difficult unlatching of their seatbelt harnesses. A remedy kit and replacement buckle will be issued to those who have purchased one of these models. A buckle that does not release quickly enough can cause injury or fatality when a prompt exit from the vehicle is required in the case of a crash.

Likewise Graco is also recalling certain models of child seats between the times of July 2010 through May 2013. Once again, the recall is due to the difficulty in being able to unlatch the harness buckle in a timely fashion. The buckle will also be replaced by them, free of charge, to those who call and participate.

Environmental Products

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the company Viatek after making claims about their Mosquito Shield Bands. The defendant and his company have apparently violated provisions put in place in 2003 barring him from being able to make deceptive claims about any of his products.

The company allegedly made a claim that their wristbands would protect people from mosquito bites but these claims were not backed by scientific evidence of any kind. The wristbands contain a mint oil and the company has claimed that this will protect consumers from mosquito bites, creating a five-foot barrier of vapor that will keep away mosquito bites for approximately 96-120 hours. It is essential to be wary of the products that you buy, as anybody can be trying to sell something faulty to the potential customer.

No company wants to have a recalled product, but reporting on recalls helps prevent injuries, and saves lives. For more information about these recalls, click here.