Reporting Accidents and Occupational Exposures

Every work accident or occupational exposure should be recorded on an accident report form. Such documentation should prompt an immediate investigation, which not only assists in determining the cause of the accident or exposure, but is also important in the prevention of future accidents.

When an employer receives notice about a work-related accident or occupational exposure, it should notify its insurance carrier or third-party administrator (TPA) immediately so that a First Report of Injury form can be filed by the carrier or TPA with the state of New Jersey. This form, which is filed electronically, gives the Division of Workers’ Compensation initial information about the work accident or exposure and any resulting injuries. A copy of this report is sent by the carrier or TPA to the employer for verification of the information submitted.

Within 26 weeks after the worker has reached maximum medical improvement or has returned to work, the insurance carrier or TPA must electronically file a second report, called a Subsequent Report of Injury, with the state. Information from this report, including an explanation of any benefits paid on the claim, is also sent to the injured worker.

Note: If you are a self-administered self-insurer or governmental entity, you will be required to file these two reports directly with the state. For more information on how to file, please visit the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) website.