Sledding is a traditional wintertime activity and enjoyed by most everyone, but when your children hit the sleds this year, make sure they are safe.

Every year, thousands of children on sleds end up in emergency rooms with injuries in the United States. The most common injuries include:

Care must be taken when sled riding to avoid injury and children often do not recognize potential dangers when they go sled riding. Following are some recommendations for sledding safety:

  • Always supervise young children
  • Find a safe environment for children to sled ride – avoid steep hills, cliffs, rocky hills, the street, driveways, icy surfaces and areas with trees, walls or cars
  • Teach children to roll off a sled that won’t stop
  • Make sure your children wear a helmet; many head injuries occur because children often ride head first
  • Make sure your children are dressed warmly and that they wear heavy gloves and boots to prevent cuts or bruises and frostbite
  • If your children’s clothing gets wet, encourage them to come in for dry clothing
  • A steerable wooden sled with flexible metal runners is recommended for children ages 6 to 12 years
  • Inner tubes, saucers and snow disks are not recommended because of their fast speed and lack of steering capability
  • Do not permit children to sled ride in dark or poorly lit areas

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