Gas leaks cause injuries and fatalities every year. Any gas leak, including those leaks from natural gas that flows through pipelines into businesses and residences, can cause a serious problem, especially when ignited by a spark.

Also, it’s not uncommon for gas leaks to pollute and contaminate the water supplies in the surrounding areas of the leak.

Did you hear about a massive gas explosion that recently injured seven workers who responded to the reported gas leak at a condominium complex?

According to reports, two workers were working on an electrical issue when the gas line was struck.

The injured workers were taken to nearby hospitals with minor to moderate injuries – but none had sustained life-threatening injuries; however, some underwent surgery. The injuries included broken legs, as well as shrapnel embedded in the victim’s skin. The injuries were the result of being thrown from the fire.

In addition, the explosion caused a fire that destroyed at least one of the units and several nearby homes.

Rescue workers conducted a house-to-house search for other possible injuries, according to a police officer. Two sources said that at least one female resident of the condo complex remained unaccounted for.

Gas leaks, including propane gas leaks, often result from negligence – something was done, or wasn’t done, that compromised safety. Examples of accidents resulting from gas leaks include:

  • Pipelines
  • Chemical plants and refineries
  • Residential gas lines

If you have been injured as a result of a gas leak, you will need compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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