Failure to clean up sidewalk can cost you a fine and land some jail time.

Home and business owners are now going to be help responsible for cleaning up the sidewalk and pavements in front of their home or establishment. 

That’t not all, after it snows you have four hours to clean up the sidewalk directly in front of your home or establishment. But of course during the day the hours between 9:00 pm – 7:00 am are exempt.

But what if the snow freezes?

If the snow freezes before you can go out and start to shovel your sidewalk the NYC law says to use salt, sand or any other agent that melts ice and snow. The law applies to everyone, even our mayor. The goal is to have safe sidewalks for the millions of pedestrians in the city with less risk of falling. Mayor Bill de Blasio had this to say, “As I said I was shoveling my house and as any homeowner would tell you, you shovel your walk and you look at your street and it’s normal that people would like to see their street as clear as possible,”

Failure to abide by the Sidewalk Snow-Shoveling Law will result in you getting fines up to $150.00, or face up to 10 days in jail. Business owners can face stepper penalties for several hundred dollars, and be held liable for any slip and fall injuries, home owners as well  advice there can be other consequences for not fallowing the law, facing a lawsuit for injuries occurring in your property, fling a premise liability claim against you.

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