Everyone has a responsibility to drive safely. Whether they are driving the family sedan, a beefy SUV, or a passenger bus, every driver must be cautious on the highway – not merely for their own sake, but for the sake of all those around them. With so many vehicles on the road, moving around each other at high speeds, even the smallest mistakes can have huge consequences.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but some vehicles simply pose more threat than others. And few vehicles on the roads are as huge and as heavy as a semi-truck. With long-haul trucking forming the backbone of US industry, shipping products and materials back and forth across the country every day, semi-trucks are a constant sight on the highway. Several times larger than most cars, carrying tons and tons of cargo on top of their already large mass, long-haul trucks can utterly demolish a smaller vehicle in the event of a collision.

Truck drivers are trained professionals, and they often take extra care to maintain good driving practices. But deadlines can be unforgiving, and deliveries can be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Many truck drivers sacrifice sleep to shave off time on their shipments, others can make traffic laws secondary to getting there on time. Anyone can make a mistake, a lapse in judgement or attention – but when it happens behind the wheel of something as massive as a semi, the consequences can be devastating. When a professional makes a mistake, he and his employer must be held responsible.

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