State employer records are compared, or “cross-matched,” with the database at the Department of Banking and Insurance’s Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (NJCRIB) on a regular basis to identify uninsured employers.

When an employer is identified through this cross-match as a possibly uninsured employer, a letter and a cross-match response form is issued. Mandatory insurance should be immediately obtained if an employer is uninsured and verification of insurance must be provided. Penalties may still be assessed for failure to have insurance at the time of the cross-match.

If you are an employer that has insurance and has received this form, you should pro- vide the information requested about your workers’ compensation coverage as soon as possible to ensure that penalties are not improperly assessed against you.

Also, if you are aware of an uninsured employer, you may provide this information to the Division of Workers’ Compensation by e-mail  or by calling (609) 292-0165 You need not identify yourself but you should be prepared to provide the name and exact address of the employer and, if possible, the names of the principle operators of the business.

Uninsured Employers Fund

The Uninsured Employer’s Fund (UEF) was established within the NJ Workers’ Compensation Law to provide for temporary disability benefits and medical expenses to workers suffering from compensable injuries while working for employers who fail to provide the required workers’ compensation insurance coverage and who fail to make such benefit payments as awarded by the Division of Workers’ Compensation.