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You have every right to be safe in the workplace, which is something that your employee must ensure. If you believe that unsafe working conditions are prevalent in your workplace, you have the right to report a violation to your employer. However, there is a second option out there – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers protections and special guidelines for employers to follow to ensure that all workers are kept safe under every circumstance. This means that, if you believe that there is a danger in the workplace that can cause serious illness, injury, or death, you have the right to report. Employers must always provide a workplace free of health or safety hazards, post an OSHA notice in the workplace, keep good record of injuries or deaths sustained on the job, and provide any safety training that is needed.

This means that you should always have the necessary training while working and never feel like your health or safety is threatened. This can be anything from understanding how to use equipment properly, to learning how to work with hazardous chemicals that you may find in the workplace. Training and education, according to OSHA, are some of the largest and most important elements in an injury and illness prevention program. Not only do they help employees, but they also help employers in the way that they help find and fix many workplace hazards before they become an issue and hurt anyone. Injury and illness prevention programs dramatically reduce the number and severity of accidents happening in the workplace. This means that they are highly regarded by OSHA and of utmost importance.

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