Installing a video-based safety monitor in commercial trucks and all types of buses can dramatically reduce the number of fatal collisions in which the truck driver or bus driver was at fault by more than 20 percent.

A recent study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute concluded that more than 25,000 accidents and 800 fatalities could potentially be prevented annually if all commercial trucks and buses were equipped with this monitor.

The study also indicated that at-fault truck and bus injury accidents could be reduced by more than 35 percent, eliminating approximately 39,000 injuries. The projections are based on the use of in-vehicle video cameras that record driving behavior and send data back to the company.

Before the video monitor can be installed, correcting driver behavior should take place. A dash camera doesn’t see everything going on that a trainer in the cab would observe such as traffic, weather and other correlating factors.

The study states that results were obtained by comparing a study on DriveCam’s efficacy to a large national accident database. Accidents that happened during the years 2010 through 2012 were used. To determine which accidents could have been prevented with DriveCam, the study filtered out accidents that were non-fault or the result of weather, road conditions, vehicle malfunction of alcohol and/or drugs.

During an experiment, one hundred tractor-trailer trucks from two different fleets were equipped with video-based devices that collected data for 17 consecutive weeks while the truck drivers made their regular deliveries. Risky driving behavior was discovered by an on-board monitor and transmitted to safety managers who analyzed it, then coached the drivers.

One company reduced risky driving or potential accidents by 37 percent per 10,000 miles driven; the other by 52 percent per 10,000 miles driven.

Although most serious truck accidents are not preventable by the truck driver since they are initiated by other motorists, the study shows that driver monitoring systems hold great promise for mitigating the remaining preventable accidents.

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