Distracted driving can encompass many different activities, the most common of which is using a cell phone while driving. Almost all states have enacted laws against driving and using a cell phone. Many classes of drivers ranging from your basic passenger driver to bus and novice drivers are not even permitted to use handheld devices unless there is an emergency. When a distracted driver causes an accident, they can sometimes be found negligent under the premise that they were acting recklessly by not paying attention to the road.

Seeking a Solution to Distracted Police Driving

The truth is, many distracted driving accidents by police are preventable. In one well-known incident, a police officer was using his cell phone to respond to a call when he plowed into another car, killing two people doing 126 mph. He plead guilty to reckless homicide and reckless driving, lost his license, and his ability to be an officer. Similar accidents have been happening at an increasing rate around the nation.

So what is the solution to the problem? Many people believe that these issues can be solved by changing the position of the technology so that police are not constantly taking their eyes off the road to take an important call or onboard computer. Two more solutions to the problem would be to make it so that devices turn off when you drive, or to have another police officer in the vehicle at the time. Only years ago, police were riding together but this recently changed.

Distracted driving can take lives when people’s eyes are directed away from the road. Every year, people are injured in distracted driving incidents, which is why measures must be put in place to protect lives. Call us today if you have been injured and need our help.