Women Dies after being Struck by a School Bus

A women was struck and killed by a school bus with several children on board, all this happening on the upper east side.

Officials at the scene said the accident happened at about 3:30 p.m, the unidentified women was crossing on Second Ave. near E 93rd St, when the bus ran her over.

The unidentified women was in her 40’s, she died under the school bus.

Children on board were taken out from the back door of the bus, but many of them were witness to this tragic accident. Responding police officers escorted the children out of the bus into a nearby gymnasium. Many walking out with terrified scared looks in there faces.

Another witness app designer Netzaan Zimmerman, 32 was stunned at the gory scene, “I noticed there was a leg sticking out from under the bus and realized it had run over someone.”

He went on to say he saw several scared children still on the bus,“That just makes it that much more horrific.”

The investigation is still under way, Police said no children were injured,

More as it comes.