Workers Compensation Attorneys in New Jersey

As a worker injured on the job, you have rights.

Case Study

MDL successfully argued total disability for a 34 year old truck driver who sustained an aggravation of a previously surgically repaired lower back injury. Insurance carrier argued that his condition was pre-existing and that he had not been involved in a work related accident therefore they were not responsible, however we were able to establish that the type of work he did and the specific nature of his occupation resulted in an aggravation of his lower back condition and prevented him from returning to his employment.

If you sustain an injury while on the job, you have numerous rights designed to protect you medically and financially. The New Jersey State Legislature created a system that provides people who sustain work related injuries to collect specific statutory benefits. These benefits include full payment for all work related injury medical bills, temporary disability payments while the worker is unable to return to their job, and compensation in the form of a monetary award that is set by statute based on the percentage is disability caused by the work related injury.

The system is complicated and requires the legal expertise of an experienced attorney trained to fight for your legal rights. As an injured worker, you immediately face multiple issues, and dealing with these issues can be difficult, frustrating, exhausting and time consuming.

MDL provides the legal know-how and dedication to protecting your rights that you deserve. Let us fight to assure you that you will get all the benefits you are entitled to receive under the law. For a free consultation with a workers compensation attorney call us at 201-585-9111, or contact us today with our quick inquiry form . We handle workers compensation cases in New Jersey.