New Jersey Workplace Accident Attorneys

Most employees working for a business operating in New Jersey are covered by the state’s comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance, in the event of a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are specifically intended to cover medical costs directly related to the injury and loss of earnings while the worker is unable to return to usual employment. Because workers’ compensation benefits are so limited and specific, the monthly payments typically cover only a portion of the actual financial damages resulting from a catastrophic, life-changing injury.

What Is a Third-Party Lawsuit?

If you file a claim for workers’ compensation following your workplace injury, you typically have no further recourse for financial damages from your employer. However, if you can show that another party (referred to as a third party) shares responsibility for negligence that caused your accident, you have legal recourse to seek additional damages. In many cases, third-party lawsuits are the only way to recover money damages for life-long financial losses, pain and suffering, and other damages not specifically awarded under workers’ compensation insurance.

Our attorneys are ready to help you fight for the full extent of your losses from a workplace injury.

Contact us if you have been injured in any kind of accident at work, including:

  • Aerial/ Scissor Lift Accidents
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Gas Explosion
  • Heat & Burn Risks
  • Malfunctioning Equipment
  • Welding Injuries
  • Machine Guarding

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