Workplace Safety Case Results

$393,000 • Workers Compensation Claims and Fall Injury

Fall Injury – $350,000. A 71-year-old woman tripped and fell leaving a restaurant and suffered a hip fracture that required a total hip replacement. She was wearing 4-5 inch stiletto heels and claimed her heel got stuck in a large crack in the outdoor tile.  After two years of litigation, video of the fall was found and it determined she did not get heel caught in cracked tile but rather a tile about 4 feet away that did not look to be defective or poorly maintained.

Because she was working at the time of her fall a workers compensation claim was filed getting her an additional $78,000 for a gross settlement of $393,000.

The case was resolved through Mediation before a retired Judge who felt it was a very difficult case. He felt the jury would perceive the high heels as the cause and the cause and the fact that she could not identify any defective floor tile would have likely resulted in a verdict against her.

$346,000 • Workers Compensation Claims and Hostile Work Environment

SETTLEMENT was obtained for a 34 year old school teacher who claimed work-related injury to her neck, back, shoulders, knees and head suffered during two separate work related accidents.  She initially sustained injury when she was caused to slip and fall due to a foreign substance on the floor and she received conservative treatment for injuries to her head, neck, back, shoulders and knees.  While she was getting authorized medical treatment, she returned to work and was punched in the stomach by a student running down the hallway during a fire drill.  She re-injured her back and claimed aggravation of her neck and knee injuries.  She received additional treatment for a brief period and returned to work.

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$800,000 • Workplace Safety

An electrician was installing a meter a commercial facility, a common electrical procedure. The electrician followed all safety procedures required to properly install and verify the meter. Regardless of his precautions, there was an explosion. The electrician was blinded by a flash of light. He staggered away with his hair, hands, arms and shirt on fire. He was evacuated to an emergency burn center.

MDL immediately filed a court order to preserve the work site and conduct electrical inspections, video-tape the scene and preserve all components of the meter board and connections as evidence for trial. MDL retained well-respected electricians and engineers to conduct the investigation. The investigation revealed that the electrical outlet to which the meter was plugged was not equipped with a circuit breaker in violation of New Jersey and National Electric Code, thus leaving the worker inserting the meter unprotected from arching and electrical explosion.