You’ve Heard of How to Pick a Lawyer. Here’s What NOT to Do

Personal injury settlements can be time consuming, overwhelming, and costly. Whether you were injured at work, on the road, or in a restaurant, however, you are entitled to a fair settlement to cover the expenses of any therapy or medical bills you may have faced as a result of your injury.
You are not the only one, either.

There were about three million workplace injuries in 2012 alone, and about 60% of the over 26,000 torts filed were based on personal injury claims, according to Bureau of Justice Statistics.

But the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed, and the legalities surrounding your injury claim can be daunting and confusing. For this reason, many people hire an experienced accident attorney or personal injury lawyer for their case. These lawyers are well-versed in state laws surrounding personal injury claims, and can work to get a plaintiff a fair personal injury settlement.

Because personal injury involves a large number of issues, from medical malpractice, to worker’s compensation, to auto accidents, you will have to find the right one for the job. There are several do’s when trying to locate the best lawyer, like asking for recommendations, interviewing lawyers, and searching the internet. But here are some don’ts that you may not have considered.

  • General Lawyers. There are number of lawyers that will claim to be able to handle a personal injury settlement, but you will want to make sure that they have expertise in your specific area of need. For example, a worker’s compensation lawyer may not have all the resources and knowledge needed to win an auto accident case. Also be sure to see if they have trial experience, should your case head to the courts. The more experienced a lawyer is in your type of case, the better chance you have at getting a higher settlement amount.
  • Lawyer Promises. Do not fall for personal injury attorneys who tell you that they can get you X amount of money on a personal injury claim. Each individual case requires careful research, and organization of all the facts, before any amount of settlement money can be calculated. In addition, for a worker’s compensation injury, the length of time you have been absent from your job, your annual wages, medical bills, and any pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the injury all affect the amount of money you can expect to receive. Even though product liability and medical malpractice plaintiffs are awarded at least $500,000 on average, this does not mean that your case will win you that much cash.
  • Denying Your Gut.

Lawyers are a critical part of negotiating a fair settlement or winning a court battle, and finding the proper one for your case will make everything more manageable. By avoiding these pitfalls, you will be able to secure the perfect lawyer, and get the compensation you deserve.