The Benefits of Using Focus Groups in Pre-Trial

By Michael J. Maggiano, Esq.

I am a believer in focus groups.  I do them early pre-suit to learn about my case by presenting my fact scenario and then asking: What do you think? What else would you like to know?

Then I will go into questions on responsibility.  The key is to get the folks in the group talking and see where it all goes.

On occasion this approached has helped me in my decision to accept or reject.  It has also told me of course how not to try the case and what I need to get out in paper discovery and informal discovery.

Following paper discovery I will do another focus group and show the paper discovery and then ask again, What do you think?  What more would you like to know?  Then again move to questions of responsibility, How do you feel about  —–?  You then move into more direct open ended questions. What are you thoughts on who is responsible for a safe work place? Tell me more about that?

Now this prepares me for my deposition phase and question lines.

Then for the finale we then show our documentary evidence and video taped deposition segments to another focus group and asked more pointed questions on responsibility, comparative fault and on to general, special and punitive damages.

This might sound like an expensive proposition but there are relatively in expensive ways of doing this on your own with some practice.  Amongst our office we know enough folks that we always get interested bunches of conservative types.  The more conservative the better.

Attached is another law firms great suggestion on do it yourself low budget Focus Groups which I whole heartedly endorse.

All the best in your next focus group project.

Michael Maggiano

Download PDF: Simple Steps to Conduct Your Own Focus Group