are there any dangers associated with driving at night

Are There Any Dangers Associated With Driving at Night?

There are many times that are dangerous to drive. For instance, research has shown that August is one of the most dangerous months to drive throughout the entire year. The time of day is to be considered because many dangerous instances happen at night, including drunk driving, speeding, and driving without your seatbelt. In fact, an alarming 54% of crashes that occur at night are alcohol-related. Because there are very real statistics showing us that night driving can be particularly dangerous, it is important to consider the factors that make it so dangerous and what you can do.

The Factors of Night Driving Accidents 

Fatigue: With 60% of adults having driven while tired, it is safe to say that fatigue plays a role in many accidents. This can have to do with shift schedules, lack of quality sleep, long work hours, and many other factors. However, there are ways to prevent these thousands of accidents every year. For instance, you can get enough hours of sleep every night, never drive if you have been awake for 24 hours or more, and stop to rest occasionally if you absolutely have to drive.

Darkness: Daylight Savings Time makes it so that more time will be spent driving in the dark. Visibility may be limited even in your high-beams. To combat the darkness on the roads, you should always make sure your headlights are claim, dim your dashboard, clean your windshield, and slow down to ensure stopping time.

Compromised Night Vision: The older you get, the more difficult driving can get at night. As an older driver, you should ensure that you can safely drive at night by remembering some steps. Have your annual vision exams, reduce your speed, minimize your road distractions, and try to drive more in daytime hours when you can see much easier. 

DUI Drivers: Every day, over 30 people die in accidents due to DUI. Impaired drivers are more likely to appear on the roadways during night hours. It is important to stay alert and drive safely, away from drugs and alcohol.

As you can see, there are many hazards that can cause you to become involved in an accident during nighttime hours. Remember these simple tips as a way to keep others and yourself safe.