burn injury attorney aiding those in ny

Burn Injury Attorney Aiding Those in NY

Many of the burn injuries that plague victims in New York take place in construction sites, where these dangers are prevalent. Construction accidents are on the rise in New York with these sites being some of the most dangerous places to work. In 2014, 231 people were injured in construction accidents in New York, which shows just how big the issue has become. In 2016, burn injuries caused turmoil for many victims. An astounding 486,000 people were injured in burn-related accidents that required medical treatment, and 40,000 people required hospitalizations. Burn injuries are very real and very serious.

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Types of Burn Injuries 

Burn injuries are divided into three different types: first, second, and third-degree. First-degree burns include red, non-blistered skin; second-degree stands for burns that have created blisters and some thickening of the skin, and third-degree are widespread and include a white, leathery appearance. Sometimes there are even fourth-degree burns, but these are the most serious of cases and include those that have extended beyond the skin into tendons and bones. Degrees are based solely on the severity of damage to the skin. Burns can lead to extreme complications such as infections, blood loss, and shock. This is why it is especially important to prevent burns or receive treatment immediately after they happen.

Unfortunately, fires break out at construction sites all too often, which is why workers must be prepared for anything. Some of the reasons include equipment that sparks to faulty wiring on the site. Because of the fact that burns can happen to anyone, you need to be aware of how you can seek compensation for your injuries. When you file a “first report of injury” with your employer, the compensation process begins. Most often this will lead to workers’ compensation, but sometimes a lawsuit will result.

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