Crane and Scaffolding Accidents

Injuries are happening in the workplace all the time. Sometimes these accidents stem from workplace negligence and unsafe conditions on the job. Other times, they stem from employers not taking the necessary care to make sure that rules and regulations are being followed exactly as posted. Crane and scaffolding accidents unfortunately happen in construction work zones every year. Now you can find out about these accidents and whether or not you have a claim.

Scaffolding Accidents

There are about 2.3 million construction workers doing work in the United States, with 65% of these workers in the industry doing their work on scaffolds. If more workers were protected from scaffolding accidents, some 4,500 injuries could be prevented each year! About 72% of workers involved in these horrific accidents experienced a plank or support giving away or the employee slipped or was struck by a falling object. The sad truth is that many of these accidents could be prevented if OSHA standards were abided by. This means more proper inspections and supplying safety equipment should happen in construction zones.

Some common claims for scaffolding accidents include inadequate safety procedures, weak planking, insecure or non-existent bracing, insufficient on-the-job training, no protective gear issued or worn on the job, or injuries caused due to falling loads. Some of the most common injuries sustained include bruises and lacerations to fractures, head and brain injuries, and even fatalities that can lead to wrongful death claims. It is not unheard of that scaffolds could cause injuries from sharp edges or even a total collapse on the job.


Crane Accidents

Cranes are mechanical pieces of equipment used in construction zones to move heavy objects around. Due to their large size, they are helpful because they can not only lift heavy objects, but also move them to otherwise unreachable places that are not accessible otherwise. Crane accidents may happen for many different reasons in a construction zone, but will mostly stem from malfunction and negligence. Negligent crane operation occurs when somebody is attempting to operate when they do not fully understand how it works or just in a general unsafe manner.

Accidents tend to happen involving cranes due to many different reasons. If a crane accidentally lets go of an object that it is moving, the results can be severe. The weight of the object and elevation can cause extreme damage. Crane hooks can also be quite dangerous because unfastened hooks will swing wildly, which can cause property damage if somebody is not being careful. Unbalanced and improperly mounted cranes can result in severe accidents as well. These accidents can cause danger to individuals and items in the area, as well as the crane operators involved in the accident.

Cranes must be operated, inspected, and maintained to proper standards. By operating these large pieces of equipment as carefully as possible, those working in construction zones are minimizing occurrences involving severe injury and property damage.


Have you been injured in a scaffolding or crane accident in a construction zone? You may have a case. Speak to an experienced attorney who can help you after your injuries have occurred. You are entitled to rights and compensation. Call Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi today to speak to an attorney you can trust.