deadliest holidays for roads

Deadliest Holidays for Roads? Labor Day Ranks at the Top

For some holidays, the roads are more deadly than others. Let’s take a look at the statistics, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Memorial Day has 312 fatal accidents per year, and Labor Day averaged 308 fatalities per year over 2011 to 2015. There is a takeaway from these statistics: Driving on weekend holidays is more dangerous than driving on any other normal day. The statistics have also shown that July 4 tends to be the most dangerous day of all, as many families are driving at night to see fireworks displays.

There were some other statistics found during this study as well:

  • New Year’s weekend was the second-least dangerous holiday weekend, much to their surprise. They came out at 245 fatal accidents per year between 2011-2015. It is believed that public service announcements to not drink and drive have been having a positive effect.
  • The stretch between Washington, D.C. and New York has the highest incidence of fatal accidents on any given holiday weekend.
  • Houston and Los Angeles ended up being the deadliest cities on average for accidents.

Helpful Tips for Driving on Labor Day Weekend

No Drinking and Driving: If you plan on drinking at a family get together, choose a driver who can bring you home or to another destination. It is always a good idea to have alternative transportation so you do not put your own life and other lives at risk. 

Wear a Seatbelt: Many fatal accidents on Labor Day are prevented due to the use of seatbelts. The National Safety Council estimates that about 102 lives could be saved each year if all drivers wore seatbelts. 

Planning Routes Ahead of Time: It is important to plan your route of travel if you are going somewhere for Labor Day Weekend. This prevents distractions, like looking at a map or GPS while you are driving.

Leaving Early: You should always anticipate that there will be traffic on the way to your Labor Day destination. This is why you should always leave ample time and ensure that nobody is driving with fatigue.

Stay safe this Labor Day and remember these tips for safety. If you have experienced an accident, call us to speak to us about your case and how we can help with your personal injury.