demolition hazards: falls and more

Demolition Hazards: Falls and More

In the world of construction, demolition just happens to be the most dangerous type. Structures that fall victim to demolition are usually weakened already and must be brought down, which can bring on many types of risks and injuries. Some of the largest hazards during demolition include falls, being struck or buried in falling material or by collapse of a structure, and being exposed to chemical and biological agents.

“Dismantling” in construction is one of the most dangerous jobs because anything can come crashing down, quite literally, in these jobs. Workers engaged in dismantling face the same hazards of falling, things falling on them, noise, vibration, dust, and more. These contractors require a sound knowledge of structures so that they can avoid hazards. They must be able to ensure that structures are taken apart in a sequence that does not cause a sudden, unexpected collapse of the main structure. The fact of the matter is this: Weakened structures can be quite unpredictable, so those working in these careers must always be prepared.

Demolition accidents are no stranger to the news. In fact, we hear about them all the time. In Houston only a few months ago, a parking garage demolition went wrong when the building collapsed onto an excavator. Somebody caught the demolition accident on video and posted it to YouTube. The video showed that two excavators were operating at the construction site when the five-story structure let loose and fell forward. The debris could have caused catastrophic results; however, it barely missed the man operating one of the excavators and he walked away unscathed by it all. Crews went back to work to clear away the debris but the man did not want to speak about his close call. In this event, the wall came down much more quickly than expected. Unfortunately, this is the result in far too many accidents every year, and severe injuries or fatalities are the result.

Lawsuits Stemming From These Accidents

Sometimes, accidents occur relating to premature detonation, premature collapse, and falls from scaffoldings in an access route. Workers may not be prepared for an explosion or other form of detonation, which could cause a force of surprise. This may cause injuries even though the worker was not harmed by the actual explosion.

Before we get into the lawsuit matters, you have to understand how these accidents can be prevented. Employers and workers must work together in this aspect, avoiding accidents through implementing detailed safety procedures and training. Workers must always be notified about demolition plans and be given adequate time to avoid areas affected by demolition. Employers are responsible for risk assessments, where variables are studied such as weaknesses in buildings, the presence of flammable materials, and any other factor that may harm workers or the general public.

Because accidents happen in demolition zones, lawsuits will always come about. Some accidents, in fact, are out of anyone’s control. However, in some cases these accidents just so happen to be the fault of the contractor or because something was not manufactured properly. This is why a lawsuit may be the best way to get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi for more information about your case. Demolition accidents can be life changing and serious, and we understand your need for legal aid.