Division of Highway Safety Awards Nearly $1 Million to New Jersey Police Departments in Drunk Driving Efforts

DSOGPO-HeaderDUI convictions are very serious offenses that will typically result in hefty fines and a criminal record. As well as this, they could even result in jail time. However, this isn’t what most are concerned about – there are even more devastating effects to be concerned about, such as drunk driving accidents causing death or serious injury to the driver, passengers, or even other motorists. These very unfortunate accidents are a reason why a number of state laws will allow for a felony DUI charge in cases where the driver’s alcohol-related acts have caused bodily harm or death to another. Sobriety tests are used to determine if the driver has been driving drunk and, if this investigation leads the officer to conclude that a motorist most likely is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then the officer will have probably cause to make an arrest of drunk driving.

Big News For New Jersey

In New Jersey, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety announced some outstanding grants that totaled $910,000. These grants will be used by local law enforcement agencies for the future to crack down on drunk and impaired drivers as part of the national initiative known as “Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over.” The program runs until September 7, where 182 law enforcement agencies will receive grants of $5,000 to staff saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints. It has been expected that 400 agencies will participate in the program when it really kicks off!

What Others Have to Say

When it comes to this initiative, many feel very deeply and have a lot to say. Division of Highway Traffic Safety Acting Director Gary Poedubicky has said about the initiative, “We want to remind everyone that getting behind the wheel drunk is a terrible idea. Not only does drinking impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely, it also impairs your judgment and good sense about whether you can, or should drive.” He urges also that if you have any doubt about how sober you are, then you should never get behind a wheel and that you will end up arrested.

Labor Day Weekend is here, which means a lot of things. Last year, nationwide, many things were taken into consideration. Last year, 38% of crash fatalities on Labor Day weekend that year involved drunk drivers, which amounted to 161 lives lost. There are a few things to remember to do if you choose to drink alcohol:

  • Take mass transit, a taxi, or even ask sober friends if they can drive you home.
  • Report impaired drivers to law enforcement always.
  • Always buckle up, every ride. It could be your best defense against an impaired driver.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident due to drunk driving, you may want to speak to an experienced attorney about a possible case. You can contact MDL today for a free consultation and more information. You may be entitled to benefits for all that has been lost. DUIs are very serious and can be prevented in every case if precautions are taken every time.