driving in construction zones what you need to remember

Driving in Construction Zones: What You Need to Remember

Because workers are injured in construction accidents every year, it’s important to learn safety measures from all ends. Unfortunately, many of these accidents happen when drivers do not abide by the rules in roadside construction zones. Whether you are a construction worker or a driver, it is vital to learn these tips and tricks to keep everybody safe.

Things You Must Know 

Following Distance: You should always be a far enough distance away from others when in a construction work zone. The problem is, too many people become frustrated when they are stuck in traffic instead of being patient toward the men and women who keep our roads safe. Because the cars in front of you only have so much space, you should be between two and three car lengths between you and the car in front of you. This gives you enough time to stop. If the weather conditions are bad, this space should be even larger. 

Assume Workers Are Present: Usually, you will see a reduced speed limit sign before a construction zone begins. However, if you see that workers are present, you should drive even slower. You should act to never put workers at risk. 

Following Instructions: Flaggers are sometimes in construction zones to direct traffic around the work area. You must always obey their signals. Look out for the signals they give you, such as an extended palm to show you to stop.

Don’t be Distracted: You should never drive distracted, but this is especially important to remember in a construction zone. When you are in a construction zone, you should always turn off your radio, end a phone call, and keep both hands on the wheel. It is a time to pay special attention. 

Merging: Lane closures cause many of the accidents that occur in construction road zones. You should never wait until the lane is coming to an end to force your way over between cars.

Keeping workers safe is top priority. This is why it is important to remember these safety tips as a way to protect not only yourself, but workers who are in some of the most dangerous positions and trusting of drivers. Call us today if you have been injured in a construction accident.