fireworks and mayhem: accidents and more

Fireworks and Mayhem: Accidents and More

Since 1908, accidents involving fireworks have been happening and wreaking havoc across the nation. On July 2, 1908, listed as one of the most dangerous days in history for fireworks, a Winifred Duncan of the S.S. Kresge store was showing a 4-year-old and his mother a sparkler in the morning. She assured the both of them that they were harmless; however, moments later a spark jumped to a nearby flag. The flame reached out and ignited the store’s larger fireworks within seconds. Many fireworks began going off including skyrockets, torpedoes, candles, and more. Seven people died in the fire and dozens more were injured in the accident.

The truth is, many Fourth of July celebrations each year are darkened by the fact that accidents can bring injuries and even fatalities. Fireworks mishaps and tragedies are less common now, all thanks to legal prohibitions and safety measures. However, these accidents continue to happen and make the news. In fact, just last year defensive Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants seriously injured his right hand while handling a firework. An average of 230 people will end up in the emergency room each day in the month around the Fourth of July. In 1891, someone threw a firecracker into a 22-year-old’s can of gunpowder, which exploded and burned his eyes. His face became disfigured as a result.

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Fireworks and Insurance Policies

Now that you know about firework incidents and the likelihood of accidents, you should understand what you can do if you become injured. For instance, will a simple insurance policy help you obtain the medical needs and compensation necessary? If your thoughts lead to insurance after a fireworks instance, you may be in luck. Fireworks may affect two different policies, your homeowner’s insurance policy and your health insurance policy. If you or your family has been injured, then you will be covered under your health care policy. If there have been damages to property and injuries to others, it will be covered under sections of your homeowner’s policy.

Let’s say, however, that a lawsuit is filed against you for fireworks-related issues. In that case, it will be covered under your homeowner’s policy, whether it is related to medical treatment, property damage, or something else. You may have to check for exclusions, however. For example, are sheds or outbuildings covered, or damage to landscaping if they have been affected in the accident? You should always be aware that some situations would not be covered under any policy. Accidents should be covered no matter what; however, intentional damage is not. If your child was playing with fireworks and became injured, this can fall in a gray area. If your child is under the age of twelve, they may be excused for their actions. However, teenagers will sometimes be held responsible for their actions if they were engaging in dangerous activities.

According to data collected from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 230 people require emergency room care in the United States each day. This is just from fireworks-related injuries. However, you and your family can prevent the likelihood that this will happen to you if you and everybody else are handling fireworks in a safe manner. Call us today if you have become injured in a firework accident. We can help you receive the necessary care for your injuries. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, we are there for you.