hoverboard recall after explosions cause fires and burns

Hoverboard Recall After Explosions Cause Fires and Burns

Because hoverboards are a product bought by consumers, product liability laws cover the duties that are promised to buyers to keep them safe. Manufacturers are held to a high standard duty of care and can be held liable in the event that somebody was injured by their product. Sometimes, a hoverboard is inherently dangerous because of design defects, manufacturing defects, and insufficient warning defects. In light of recent events involving dangerous hoverboards, people are discovering how they can receive compensation after they have been injured by their boards.

In New Jersey, there have been problems in the past because too many people were involved in accidents with hoverboards due to the fact that they were riding them in unsafe areas. New Jersey passed laws prohibiting these motorized devices on public roadways, just like the laws that regard scooters. Recently, hoverboards have yet again appeared in the news for none other than explosions.

Why Were Hoverboards Recalled? 

A few months ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of 501,000 self-balancing scooters due to fire hazards. Why? Because the lithium-ion battery packs in the hoverboards often overheat, which could result in sparking, fire, and explosions in the most severe cases. There have been close to 100 incidents of burn injuries relating to these new issues. Many of these hoverboards were made and sold without safety standards in place, which could place blame with the company that manufactures them. Already, more than $2 million in property damage has been issued.

Because so many people have been injured in these injuries, they may be wondering how they can compensate for these serious injuries and burns. However, proving fault in a negligence case can be complicated, which is why you should have a specialized attorney on your side. Call us about your personal injury today. If you have been injured due to a hoverboard, we can help you fight for your rights to compensation.