How Does Product Liability Apply When a Child is Injured?

Product liability claims happen every year when an unsafe product hits the shelves and causes harm in some way to consumers. The laws that are centered around product liability hold manufacturers liable for damages that resulted from the consumer’s injuries when they were using the defective product. If there is a risk associated with a product and a manufacturer knows about it, they have a duty to warn users of injury risks and include instructions for the safe use of their products. In many cases, product liability suits involving children will also involve toys; however, there have also been many other popular cases in history

Examples of Product Liability Involving Children 

Drop-Side Cribs: These types of cribs have lead to thousands of injuries and many deaths in the U.S. over the years. They are cribs designed to make it easy to get infants in and out of cribs – however, they pose risks themselves. Because the crib panel slides up and down, a gap can form between the crib mattress and drop-side, causing the infant to become stuck or trapped. Many of these cribs have been recalled over the years due to these injuries. 

Toys With Lead Paint: Lead paint was once common in homes in the 70s. It is a highly toxic metal and can cause serious health issues to a child. Lead was once found in children’s toys so, if your child plays with older toys, you should always make sure that you inspect the toys to make sure that your child is not exposed to lead.

Seeking Compensation for Your Child 

If your child has been injured by a defective product or one that has been recalled, you may have a product liability claim. You should not return the product but instead use it as evidence to support your claim in the future. There are many toys in our modern times that are recalled because they cause harm to children, so it is important to have proof when you make your claim, as you may be able to recover from the manufacturer. Call us today for help on your product liability claim if you or a child you love has been injured as a result of a defective product. We will help you from start to finish.