How Education Can Dramatically Reduce Truck Accidents

Truck drivers have special standards they must meet in the workplace every day to prevent accidents. The FMCSA requires truck drivers to complete special training to receive their license, and teach them proper driving techniques as well as safety measures. However, in the end, some truck drivers receive inadequate training and lose out on important skills such as turning and backing up maneuvers, how to move large capacity loads, how to properly sign on the road, and more.

The Newest in Education 

Recently, AAA suggested that safety technologies relating to large commercial trucks could decrease the likelihood of accidents on our roadways. This came after reports in 2015 claim that 4,000 people across the U.S. died in truck accidents. Semi-truck instructors agree and disagree – they believe that special equipment is essential, but that something else needs to be done. In fact, a director of operation at Drive509, Doug Odegaard, said that he has seen many accidents in his time and that “95% of those accidents involving a semi were caused by a car.”

AAA believes that it is imperative to use lane departure warning systems, video onboard monitoring systems, and automatic or air disc braking systems. This could offer many more solutions that have never been used before to decrease accidents in a variety of areas. Some companies, however, already have these tools and accidents continue to increase. This means bigger steps for both commercial trucks and the motor vehicles that share the roads with them. Drivers in all shapes and sizes must receive proper education to avoid negligence on the roads, such as toning it down on the speeding and distractions, like texting while driving.

If you have been injured by a large commercial truck on the roadway, you could be entitled to compensation. These accidents are generally severe due to the sheer size of the vehicle and the small size of your car. Call us today to ensure that you are getting the best results in your case.