How OSHA Plays an Important Role in Construction Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works with employers and employees to ensure safety in a variety of different workplaces. OSHA has set standards and regulations that all employers must abide by and gives them many rights as well. Now you can find out more about the rights that OSHA offers employees, obligations, inspections, and so much more.

What Rights Employees and Employers Have 

OSHA gives many rights to employees under their laws and regulations. Employees have a right to know these regulations, which should be available in every workplace. If employees feel as if their rights have been ignored, they have a right to request an inspection of the workplace. The OSHA director will then be able to assess whether or not there were hazardous conditions or violations of the safety laws. Employees can then receive results regarding their workplace and whether it’s safe to work there based on illnesses and injuries.

Employers have obligations under OSHA, too. They must follow a standard of care to keep their workplace safe from all hazards, which means recognizing hazards and ensuring that employees are kept safe through proper training and proper use of equipment. They must make medical records available as well as establish programs that help ensure worker safety.

Inspections Under OSHA

When hazards go unnoticed in the workplace or an employee believes that their employee is not taking things seriously, they have a right to request an inspection through OSHA. An OSHA office will conduct an inspection when they have reason to believe that a violation or danger exists on the grounds of the workplace. The inspector will look at the workplace from top to bottom and assess the hazards, as well as what can be done about them.

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