Independent Medical Examinations: What Are They?

Personal injury claims invite many different elements into your life as the court tries to value your claim to the best of their ability. These types of examinations stem from cases involving workers’ compensation claims and work-related injuries. They are generally required when the insurance company has a dispute in your case. At this visit with a specialized doctor, a report will be made that carries legal weight in court and will serve as the best kind of evidence during trial. Knowing what happens and how to prepare for these examinations can benefit you, so we will walk you through the process today.

All About the IME 

An IME is a medical examination that will help the court understand your medical condition, including what treatment you need for your condition. If there is any degree of impairment associated with your injury, this will be the time that it is discovered and put into writing. You may wonder how objective your IME is, and this largely depends on how the IME doctor is selected. Most of the time, you will not choose your doctor but they are instead referred by the insurance company. If the doctor’s opinion does not seem right, you may have the right to request a medical examination by another doctor.

Preparing for Your IME 

You should understand first what questions you will be asked at your IME. The doctor will want to know many things such as the current complaints related to your injuries, what types of activities you cannot do without pain, what you are completely restricted from doing, and what treatment you’ve received thus far. The court will usually send you the information that shows you the date of your IME, medical records that may be needed for your appointment, and so much more.

There are some obvious things you should remember, such as always being polite and having the best attitude for the best result. You could also prepare to bring a witness along with you to verify what was said and done versus what wasn’t. Always tell the truth in your IME and focus on how the injury affects your daily activities. This will give them an accurate view of what you are facing.

Afterwards, it is important to speak to your attorney about what you were told. Remember what the doctor said, what questions you answered, which tests were performed, the times of everything, and what statements occurred. Speak to us today about how to move forward in your personal injury case.