Is the Grocery Liable for my Slip and Fall Injury?

Grocery store slip and falls are not unheard of in the retail industry and by personal injury attorney. In fact, in 2012 a woman slipped on a puddle of liquid in a Costco grocery store and shattered her kneecap. Costco was found to be negligent because the employees had passed by and ignored the spill. Costco ended up having to pay forth $400,000 for the woman’s medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. In 2011, a Pennsylvania woman slipped and fell on an unknown substance in a Home Depot store. The store was ordered to pay $44,383.61 for her injury.

The truth is, grocery stores have a duty to maintain a safe premises under any circumstance. This means that if a store is open to the public, they are legally obligated to maintain a safe premises for the protection of their customers. This means, if a slip and fall were to occur at the store, the store will probably be held liable for injuries sustained by the customer. Of course, the specifics of the accident will determine whether or not the customer can be compensated.

What to do After Your Accident 

Call the Manager: When you get in a slip and fall accident, you should always get ahold of the store’s manager. You should make sure that the scene remains the same as when you fell, because this could be vital for your case. This means that they should see where you fell and the particular substance on the floor that caused your slip. 

Make an Incident Report: At a grocery store, the manager or a coworker may legally have to report the incident. The report will likely contain the date and time the accident occurred and you may be able to receive a copy of this to show your attorney for your claim.

Ask for Medical Care: If you have been seriously injured, you should always ask for 911. The paramedics will likely write a report of your claim as well, which you can use as support of your injury for compensation down the road. The emergency room records are always strong evidence in a case. 

Look for Witnesses: Always try to obtain as many witnesses around the accident as possible. Try to obtain names and contact information that you may be able to use later. A witness may be helpful in making many determinations, such as an employee walking right by a spill and ignoring it or seeing another customer almost slip and fall by that same spill. 

Surveillance Cameras: Most markets will use surveillance cameras, so it is always a good idea to seek them. You can attempt to ask the manager to show you the specific portion that shows your accident.

The store may try to use many defenses in a case, which is why it is best to seek the help of an attorney. They may claim that there were no dangerous conditions when the accident occurred, the store had no prior knowledge of a spill, the danger was obvious, or the danger did not directly cause the injury. By hiring a skilled attorney, you can prove your case otherwise when you know the spill was caused by negligence. Speak to us today for more information.