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Know Your Rights at Sporting Events, Stadiums, and Concert Arenas

An outing with family or friends to a sporting event or concert at a large venue is an excellent way to spend quality time and make new memories. However, these experiences can quickly become tragic if someone is injured. If the owner of the venue has been negligent in maintaining their premises, or if the company hosting the event has provided inadequate security, what might be a small incident can turn into radical damages.

A loose step, a weakened railing, or poorly managed security might seem like minute details, but they can lead to severe injuries resulting in unexpected medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you’ve been injured at a sporting event, concert, or other event taking place at a stadium or arena, contact an injury lawyer at Maggiano, DiGirolamo, & Lizzi P.C. for a free consultation.

Sporting Events

New York and New Jersey offer no shortage of exciting sporting events for people of all ages. Many people have fond memories of their first time at Met Life Stadium, or the first football or baseball game they took their children to. Sadly, many people have also had those memories tainted by injuries sustained by the negligence of property managers or security contractors.

Sports stadium owners have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their patrons. If they don’t take the necessary steps to make sure that their premises are reasonably safe, they may be held responsible if someone is injured. These steps might include performing necessary repairs, routine inspections, or addressing unsafe conditions that have been brought to their attention. If you suffered an injury at a stadium or arena, and the owner was negligent in either maintaining the premises or providing adequate security, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, or other damages.

If you’ve been injured due to a fall that may relate to a property owner’s carelessness, schedule a consultation with a slip and fall attorney from Maggiano, DiGirolamo, & Lizzi P.C. We’ll be able to examine the circumstances of the accident and determine whether premises liability applies.

Concerts and Other Events

Sporting events aren’t the only circumstances under which an owner or operator of a venue can be held responsible for injuries that their negligence contributed to. If you’ve been injured at a music venue, you need an attorney.

Injuries at concerts can occur due to carelessness in maintaining the property, or security negligence. For example, mosh pits are dangerous in and of themselves—but what happens when there isn’t adequate security to keep them contained or under control? Serious injuries have occurred as a result, and this is often the responsibility of the venue’s owner or the operator during the event. Promoters and performers may also have an obligation to provide a reasonably safe concert experience.

If you are injured during a music event, finding an accident lawyer is essential to figure out who is responsible for your damages. Call us today for a consultation!