Machinery Accidents in the Workplace and How we Can Help

In the construction workplace, you will run into a wide assortment of different types of machinery. The problem is, many of these types of machinery are not as safe as they seem, especially when proper precautions are avoided. As a result, many people find themselves in the middle of a mess of medical bills, time missed at work, and so much more due to a severe accident involving a workplace machine. Some of these common machines include punch presses, grinders, cutting machines, welders, machines that package, and so many more. These range from small equipment to heavy equipment in the construction workplace.

Common Causes of Machine Accidents/Prevention 

There are many reasons why machine accidents happen in our modern times, even though we have the means to protect ourselves. Some of the most common causes include:

Inadequate Training: Employers will sometimes start employees on a certain machine to move things along quickly, even though they are not properly trained to do so. This can pose a danger to everyone involved.

No Protective Gear: There are risks with every machine, which is why wearing the recommended protective gear can make all the difference. This can include safety goggles, a hard hat, gloves, and more.

Faulty Machinery: If machinery has not been maintained properly or does not have the correct safety guards, it could be deemed “faulty” and could result in injuries.

Employers have a duty to protect construction workers from these preventable accidents and injuries. This includes maintaining machinery regularly, giving necessary repairs, ensuring that staff has the right training, and providing workers with the correct protective gear. This is why, sometimes you will find that employers are to be held liable in your accident if they have failed to follow any of these steps.

In other cases involving machinery, the manufacturer of the equipment that injured you could be held liable as well. This happens when the machinery is faulty due to the way it was built or manufactured. They could be sued under product liability and this is how you would receive your compensation, instead of through workers’ comp from your employer.

Calling Us With Your Claim

We have the experience to handle your claim if you have been injured in a workplace accident, whether you are bringing a claim against your employer for neglecting safety procedures or against a manufacturing company for a defective product. No matter how you were injured in the workplace, we want to hear from you and will dedicate our time to your case to bring you the best outcome. Call us today for more.