Memorial Day Truck Accidents – a Time to be Aware of Drivers

At any time of the year, on any holiday, you could be at risk for a serious truck accident. Because people are crowding the roadways, attempting to make it to parties and home, there is a good likelihood for accidents to occur. In fact, studies have shown that this year, Memorial Day traffic is at an all-time high since 2005, with 39.3 million Americans leaving home for the holiday. This is why you should always be aware of other drivers on the road, as your chance for an accident is greater – especially those involving large trucks.

Drivers around this time of year, especially any holiday, are putting in long hours in the workplace. They have days of work on tight delivery schedules, with many of them probably driving beyond legal working limits to get their hours in. Though the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration puts regulations in place to enforce safe driving on the roadways, sometimes this is not abided by, and accidents occur. Driver fatigue is a huge cause of many truck accidents every year due to the fact that it affects decision-making as well as reaction times.

Staying Safe on Memorial Day 

If you are driving on the roads today because you are headed to a Memorial Day picnic, you can reduce the chance of becoming a victim to a trucking accident that can change your life. Here are some quick tips to remember on the roads:

  • Allow large commercial trucks room to navigate. Trucks have to brake suddenly for many different reasons, such as being cut off on the highway or because debris appears in the road. They need space to move around to prevent these common accidents.
  • Avoid driving in a truck driver’s blind spot. Nobody wants to be caught in a blind spot where a trucker can’t see you, so avoid this area.
  • You should drive a little slower around these large vehicles, especially since the roadways are crowded around Memorial Day. Don’t tailgate and take your time getting to your destination.

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have died in the Armed Forces, so many people will be hosting picnics in remembrance. Because of this, it is important to be careful when navigating the roadways. If you have been injured, call an attorney who understands what to do in your case and can help you along.