More Than 100 Injured in LIRR Crash in Brooklyn

It was reported that a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train crashed into a bumping rock this past Wednesday morning, leaving as many as 106 victims injured. ABC World News Tonight reported that the accident was so forceful that it caused the train to derail, which caused minor injuries in many people who were riding at the time. ABC has reported that this accident can be compared to another of its kind that happened in September where a New Jersey Transit train crashed into the Hoboken station.

Though many of the injuries were minor, The AP reported that some of the people injured in the serious accident had to be removed from the train on stretchers. Many who had been witness on the scene “sat stunned, on the pavement outside, bleeding, holding ice packs on their heads, rising and limping away with help from rescuers.” Luckily, one of the most serious accidents reported at the time of the incident was a broken leg from a passenger. In comparison, the New Hersey Transit accident tended to bring a bit more serious injuries due to the fact that it was coming in much faster and did much more damage.

Many outlets reported that the train was believed to be traveling somewhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour when the accident took place. Metropolitan Transportation Authority chairman Tom Prendergast reported, “At that speed, it’s pretty much the locomotive engineer’s responsibility to stop the train.” However, as an investigation is being conducted, many concerns are being raised. One in particular is concern with the health of those operating these vehicles carrying passengers.

Crash Raising Sleep Apnea Concerns

Just as the crash occurring in Hoboken, this crash is raising many concerns in the community, as many train operators may be experiencing medical concerns that have gone undiagnosed that will affect their work. One of these conditions in particular is sleep apnea, which causes accidents and injuries every year in the United States. The FRA has recently begun drafting legislation requiring truck and train operators to be tested for sleep apnea; however, no regulations have been passed as of current times.

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