NJ Parent Link

What resources do parents in New Jersey have? Parent Link has been installed for five years now and is known as the Early Childhood, Parenting and Professional Resource Center in the State of New Jersey.

NJ Parent Link Focus: Their main focus is to meet the information and resource needs of expectant parents, families with young children, and professional stakeholders vested in the wellbeing of New Jersey’s children and families. They also make support resources available to families that have older children and school-aged to young adulthood.

NJ Parent Link Goals: Their goals are to improve the accessibility, coordination and delivery of information and services to expectant parents and families with young children. They also strive to improve the communication capabilities between the public and private sectors.

Now that you understand what the NJ Parent Link strives toward, you may want to understand what is available on their website at http://www.njparentlink.nj.gov/.

The Website and Resources

  • Includes early childhood health, development, early learning, parenting and family support resources, pre-conceptual/prenatal health, kindergarten readiness, back to work/staying at home, parenting older siblings
  • Downloadable educational and promotional materials
  • Tailored subscription services, easy access county contacts, video testimonials, children’s art gallery, and more for building community
  • Website breakout categories that are designed to fulfill key requirements for early childhood systems that build and provide the necessary framework for interdepartmental collaboration

To get a taste of NJ Parent Link, you may be curious about some of the resources they have and an explanation of each. Here are just a few things that they cover:

Planning a Healthy Pregnancy
NJ Parent Link offers resources on how you can have a healthy pregnancy in a section entitled Before, During, and After Pregnancy. They cover a wide range of issues such as medical care, family planning services, help with tobacco, alcohol or drug dependence, nutrition assistance, classes, or just plain advice. They also aid in information on genetic and biochemical screening done when you child is born. They provide support for the nutrition needs of pregnant women and newborns through the WIC program as well.

NJ Family Leave Insurance Program
NJ Parent Link also offers resource information on the NJ Family Leave Insurance Program, which runs through the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Through the New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits program, anybody could be provided up to six weeks of Family Leave Insurance benefits if covered, so that they would be able to bond with newborn or newly adopted children and to care for sick family members. You can find out information to see if you are an employee who is covered under this law.

Early Intervention System
Information is also offered on the Early Intervention System. This runs through the Department of Health in New Jersey. The New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS) implements New Jersey’s statewide system of services for infants and toddlers, ages birth to three. They help with developmental delays or disabilities, and the families involved.

NJ Parent Link: In Case of Emergency
The Parent Link also provides information under their “Health and Wellness” tab called “In Case of Emergency.” Covered under this topic is a wide variety of places that may be beneficial to you when an emergency occurs. Of course, they always urge you to call 911 if someone is experiencing a life-threatening situation. However, resources available include family violence, substance abuse, child abuse, poison control, postpartum depression, and more.

For your every need, NJ Parent Link will be there to offer support and resources. They will be there for your family in a time of need and help you with additional planning when you are experiencing a situation that calls for their help. You can check out their website at http://www.njparentlink.nj.gov/ for the resources you need. And remember – if you are experiencing a case that may call for a lawyer, you can contact MDL in New Jersey for your every need. They are a group of attorneys that you can trust to handle your case. Call today for a free consultation.