OSHA’s Commitment to Protect the Safety and Health of Workers

OSHA’s Alliance program is a way to foster collaborative relationships with groups that are committed to keeping workers safe and healthy. Alliance partners have been extremely helpful for a number of workplaces, helping OSHA reach targeted audiences like the workers who work in high-hazard industries. Their mission is to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. Some of these groups not only include intensive workplaces, but also unions, consulates, trade organizations, businesses, and faith-based organizations as well!

OSHA Alliance Partners

Since the integration of the Alliance, many organizations have partnered to create the safest workplaces possible for employees. These include the following:

South Texas Exploration and Production Safety Network: They renewed a five-year agreement to reduce exposure to hazards in oil and gas exploration industries. In 2016, they focused on a training session for employees that helped workers see silica hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing. The organization has worked to speak at oil and gas conferences, train workers as well as promote an understanding of their rights, and provide valuable tools to the workplace that they did not have previously.

Hispanic Contractors Association de Tejas: They signed a two-year agreement to help others understand how to protect worker safety and health through a variety of resources. One of the main focuses they have is preventing exposure to Focus-Four hazards in the construction industry.

Construction Safety Leadership Alliance: They signed a two-year agreement to provide members and many others with resources to help them protect construction workers. They focus on some of the most harmful hazards and establish a strong leadership.

Ship Workers Union Alliance: They signed a two-year agreement to provide members, personnel, and others in the shipbuilding and repair industry. The way they have done this is with training, recognition skills, knowledge, and more.

More employers have to understand the importance of safety in a variety of workplaces, where it is most important. If you have been injured in the workplace and aren’t sure where to turn, give us a call today. We can help protect your rights in your time of need.