Product Recalls: Home Tattoo Kits, Diet Pills

Several U.S. companies have issued voluntary recalls of products due to safety concerns. Visit for more information about the listed recalls or other product safety concerns.

Home Tattoo Kits

White & Blue Lion, Inc. recalled all tattoo inks and needles July 11 due to pathogen contamination. The inks and needles were sold in tattoo kits, and the ink was also sold separately by 8Decades and White & Blue Lion, Inc. on Amazon.

Laboratory testing by the FDA found both the inks and needles were contaminated by microbial bacteria.

However, the FDA is concerned that individual consumers and professional tattoo artists could be buying or using contaminated tattoo kits from other distributors.

“FDA has confirmed one case of skin infection involving a consumer that used this company’s tattoo products, and we are aware of other reports linked to tattoo products with similar packaging,” said Dr. Linda Katz, director of the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors, in a news release. “If you’re buying tattoo inks or getting a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist, you should first examine the products to determine whether the inks or kits meet the [given] descriptions.”

Consumers are urged to avoid tattoo inks that:

  • Are sold separately and in kits that have anywhere from 5-54 bottles of inks of various colors
  • Have no brand name, carry a dragon logo, or don’t bear the name of the maker or distributor
  • Are marked with “Lotch” and batch numbers, and “date produced” and “best if used by” dates

The bacterial contamination could lead to infection for any users, but it is particularly dangerous for those with pre-existing heart or circulatory disease, diabetes, or compromised immune systems.

Katz urges consumers to seek immediate medical care if consumers experience excessive pain, redness, swelling, weeping wounds, or blemishes at the tattoo site.

More information about the White & Blue Lion recall is available here.

RegeneSlim Appetite Control Capsules

Regeneca Worldwide has recalled RegeneSlim appetite control dietary supplement due to the presence of DMAA.

DMAA (also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or geranium extract, is used as a stimulant, pre-workout, or weight loss ingredient in diet supplements. However, DMAA presents serious health concerns, as it can narrow blood vessels and arteries, leading to rising blood pressure, shortness of breath, arrhythmias, tightening in the chest, and heart attacks.

RegeneSlim is packaged in 3 ½” by 3” green and white sachets containing two capsules each. The name RegeneSlim is prominently displayed on the front of the packaging. The lot numbers affected by the recall are #EX0616R15814 and #11414RE5516.

Consumers who purchased RegeneSlim from the aforementioned lot numbers should stop using the product immediately and return it to the place of purchase for a full exchange. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Regeneca Worldwide is a division of VivaCeuticals, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The RegeneSlim products are purchased and distributed by a direct sales force in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and the product is also sold online to retailers and directly to consumers.

Affected consumers can contact the company at 1-949-281-2600 or visit the FDA website for more information.