Recent Recall News – Part 3

Every week, more and more consumer products are being recalled due to defects. Defective products may carry risks that could cause harm to a consumer. To prevent injuries, it is important to be aware of products that may cause said harm and find out what you should do if you happen to own one of these products.

Bicycles Recalled Due to Crash Hazard

On August 27, 2015, Huffy recalled bicycles equipped with front disc brakes due to a crash hazard. More specifically, an open quick release lever on the bicycle’s front wheel hub could come into contact with the front disc brake assembly. If this happens, the front wheel could come to a sudden stop or separate from the bicycle, which could pose a risk of injury to the rider.

About 460 of these bicycles are under the recall. The model is model year 2014 Huffy TR 745 and TR-S 740 bicycles with 27.5-inch wheels. “Huffy” is listed on the downtube of the frame of both bicycles. Both bicycles that have a green dot on the inside of the quick release lever are not included in the recall. So far, no incidents or injuries have been reported for these models.

To remedy the situation, consumers are supposed to stop using the bicycles immediately and Huffy should be contacted. They will provide a free replacement quick release lever for the front wheel. They can be contacted at 888-366-3828 from 8 am. To 8 pm. Monday through Friday.

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Paintball Markers Recalled Due to Impact Hazard

On August 27, 2015, Tippmann Sports recalled paintball markers due to an impact hazard. The trigger safety on these paintball markers can fail and allow paintballs to fire unexpectedly. Because of this, they pose an impact hazard risk to consumers. About 6,500 of these products are part of the recall.

A description of the product is the model Tippmann model FT-12 .50 Caliber and 0.68-inch caliber paintball markers. These markers are made of metal and are black in color. They also have a round front grip and a rear grip with yellow inserts. With the barrel attached, the markers are about 20 inches long. The left side of the upper receiver has “Tippmann” molded into the front and a silver, metal name plate with “Rental” riveted to the center.

Tippmann received reports of three incidents where the trigger safety failed to perform properly, but no injuries have been reported thus far. As a remedy, consumers should immediately stop using the recalled paintball markers and contact Tippmann for a free repair kit or to arrange to ship the affected marker to Tippmann for repair at no cost. Consumers will be contacted directly. However, you can contact them yourself at 800-533-4831 Monday through Friday.

If you or a loved one has bought a product that was defective and ended up injured because of it, you may have a case. You may have been injured and deserve compensation as a result. Contact MDL today for a free consultation and assessment of your case.