Returning to Work After an On-the-Job Injury

When you have been injured, you will probably find that you are eligible for many types of benefits due to the extra stress an injury can put on your lifestyle. Some of these benefits include the following:

Medical Care: Necessary treatment to cure or relieve the injury effects are usually always included in this. This can even include prescriptions and gas money to get to the hospital when needed. 

Disability: You may either be entitled to temporary or permanent disability payments based on your situation. These are used when you either have to take time away from work or if you cannot recover completely from the effects of an injury.

Rehabilitation: This is the money that is used to help you get another job, and works somewhat similarly to temporary disability.

Effects of Returning to Work 

In some cases, you may return to work and receive wages that are equal or greater to what you received when you received the injury. If this happens, then your compensation benefits may come to an end. However, if you are experiencing a wage loss because you are not paid as much, you may continue to receive benefits even if they are for a lesser amount. Workers’ compensation is regulated by state laws and they do not require reinstatement after workers’ comp leave.

You should be aware that many different types of wage loss benefits may be available to you. For instance, you may receive temporary partial benefits when you are temporarily disabled, or temporary total benefits when you are prohibited from working for any period of time. Your different circumstances and your injury overall will have a direct effect on what you should receive and what happens to you.

If you are injured, there are steps you must take to ensure that you have rights. For instance, if there is any change in your work status, the employer should be notified immediately so that you do not lose your benefits. Workers’ compensation can be confusing at times, which is why you should have a skilled attorney on your side who understands the various laws for the state of New Jersey. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi to speak to an attorney who can help.