Risky Business: Most Dangerous Working Conditions

When you get hired at a job, you never expect it to be dangerous in nature. However, some jobs are inherently dangerous because of the conditions employees find themselves in, or the equipment that they are forced to use. Some of the most dangerous job in the workplace include Administrative and waste services, Construction, and Warehousing. Now you can find out what makes these jobs dangerous so that you, too, can avoid accidents and injuries stemming from the many accidents that take place each year in the United States.

Waste Services

You may be surprised to find that those in waste services, such as garbage collectors, have one of the most dangerous jobs in America. These jobs actually average about 90 fatalities a year for every 100,000 workers – however, the reasons may not be what you expect. Many of these fatalities happen due to impatient drivers who are stopping behind garbage collectors and end up hitting them when they try to pass unsafely. Due to these incidents, waste collection is more dangerous than being a pilot or a taxicab driver!

The mortality rate has been determined to be higher than what is considered to be an acceptable risk for workers. Furthermore, many injuries take place in the garbage collection business aside from just fatalities alone. Collectors are injured up to five to seven times more than your average worker, many of these accidents causing back injuries and lacerations. If more drivers would pay close attention to the roadways, these accidents could likely be prevented!


The construction industry is, of course, regarded as one of the most dangerous workplaces on the planet. In 2009, 9% of 3.3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses occurring in the workplace had to do with the construction industry. There are many causes of construction injuries, however. Here are some of the most common causes every year:

  • Falls: Construction workers are always at risk for falls in regards to scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders, and more. You may be working from high heights and sustain a fall for many reasons.
  • Equipment Accidents: Many pieces of equipment could malfunction, causing injuries, such as forklifts and nail guns. This may fall under product liability law depending on your accident.
  • Fires: Exposed wiring and flammable chemicals could lead to fires or even explosions in serious cases.
  • Building Collapses: If a building is being demolished, it could fall and crush the worker or pin them inside.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: Overexertion in the workplace can cause muscle and joint damage, heat stress, and so much more.

Understanding why many of these injuries take place can change things drastically in the construction workplace. Many more construction companies are being investigated by OSHA each year to determine why these accidents occur and how prevention can help.


Warehouses can bring many dangers, such as blocked fire exits, collapses of heavy boxes that are stacked many feet in the air, and lack of adequate drinking water for workers working in hot conditions. The problem is, many workers in warehouses are found to be paid too little in conditions that could cause them harm such as injury or death. Many complaints to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration occur each year, where investigations take place all the time. Another problem is the fact that there are many pieces of equipment being used, such as forklifts, that may be defective or have inadequately trained employees operating them at any given time.

No matter what the job, a situation can turn dangerous if employees are not left with the right tools or trained to fit the needs of the job. This is why it is important to make a claim if you have been injured on the job, so you can receive compensation for your injuries and possibly help those in need before it is too late. Call us today to handle your case.