Run-Over By Operating Equipment

Sometimes, construction workers face very serious injuries from accidents occurring in the workplace. One of the most popular types of injuries are caused by being run over by equipment in a construction zone, necessary for the work being done. These are also a type of “struck-by” hazard, which are one of the fatal fours in construction accidents.

Preventing Run-Over Accidents

How are run-over accidents prevented in the construction industry? This is simple – when safety procedures are abided by. Here are some steps for operators to take to prevent these injuries:

  • Always wear a seatbelt when driving a vehicle at work.
  • Conduct a vehicle inspection before each shift and refrain from using defective equipment.
  • Have another worker signal for you when you are backing up with an obstructed rear view. You should also always have a reverse alarm that is audible above the surrounding noise of construction work.
  • Use your parking brake and chock the wheels.
  • As an operator, you should also always be trained and certified to operate the forklift safely. This means that you should have a good understanding of how to pick up, move, put down, and stack loads.
  • Operate the vehicle at a safe speed as well as never exceeding 5 mph. You should slow down in congested areas or on slippery surfaces.
  • Always clear all personnel.
  • Use advance traffic signs. This could include using flaggers if needed and wearing bright colored reflective vests. If you are working at night, you should always use proper illumination.

Run-over and struck-by accidents only occur because the workplace was not as safe as it was supposed to be. Workers are very often struck by heavy equipment and vehicles like trucks and cranes. Employers owe a standard duty of care in the construction industry, which you should always remember. They must look out for employees by recognizing that a hazard exists and work to prevent or reduce injuries from these hazards. These are known as control measures. Many employers just want to get the work done and not think of the hazards that could be prevalent. One of the most important things to remember in construction is: If you are driving a vehicle in an area that is not safely constructed or maintained, you could end up injuring somebody else as well as yourself.

Accidents Stemming From Run-Overs

You may experience severe crushing-type injuries when you have been hit by a truck or crane at any speeds due to the weight and force of the equipment when working. You may be squeezed, caught, crushed, pinched, or compressed when you are hit or pinned by a vehicle. Some accidents may cause amputations, broken bones, internal injuries, and more. These heavy pieces of construction equipment can cause compression by rolling, sliding, and shifting against somebody’s body when they are caught, pinched, or crushed.

So, what are some things to be considered in the workplace? Blind spots, improper loading techniques, and more could cause a serious incident to take place at any given time before anybody has time to react. Keeping in mind that construction sites are full of very heavy and powerful operating equipment, one can expect to receive the most serious injuries in an accident. Run-overs are always causing fatalities in construction zones, too. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury or fatality due to a run-over accident, call us today. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi we want to hear from you about your case!