Some Truly Strange Driving Laws

As of 2009, there were 210 million licensed drivers. This means a lot more chances for accidents to occur on the roadway, many of which can be prevented when special precautions are followed. In each state in the United States, there are strange driving regulations that you should be aware of – now you can find out what odd rules of the road some states have instilled into their driving laws and have a laugh along the way!

  • Alabama: It is illegal to drive blindfolded (who would have ever thought?!)
  • Alaska: Authorities have made it illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car… which makes you wonder how many times somebody tried to get away with such a thing.
  • Arkansas: You cannot blare a car horn where cold beverages or sandwiches are served after 9 p.m.
  • California: It is illegal to jump from a car at 65 mph in Glendale, California. So if you feel like a daredevil for a moment, please refrain!
  • Connecticut: Hunting from cars is illegal, even if it’s during deer season.
  • Georgia: In Dublin, Georgia, it is illegal to drive through playgrounds. This is certainly good news for the children.
  • Illinois: It is illegal to partake in “fancy riding” on a bicycle in Galesburg. Beware, acrobats on bikes!
  • Iowa: In Mount Vernon, it is illegal to throw your Red Ryder onto the highway. Why? Somebody must have tried it…
  • Kansas: It is illegal to transport dead poultry along Kansas Avenue.
  • Kentucky: If your pet molests a vehicle, you could be fined – keep those pets on a leash!
  • Maine: You could be fined for parking in front of a Dunkin Donuts. If you’re craving a donut, park somewhere else!
  • Maryland: Swearing from a vehicle in Rockville is considered a misdemeanor.
  • Massachusetts: It’s illegal to operate a car with a gorilla in your backseat. Think twice before taking your beloved primate pet for a drive.
  • Minnesota: In Minnetonka, you cannot drive a truck that leaves mud or dirt on the road. If you do, you will be considered a public nuisance.
  • Missouri: In University City, you need to hold your honk! Officials have made it illegal to honk the horn of someone else’s car.
  • Nevada: In Reno, it is illegal to place a bench or chair in the middle of a road. We guess you’ll have to sit somewhere else.
  • New Jersey: In New Jersey, you are required by law to honk before you pass another vehicle.
  • New York: It is illegal to disrobe while in your car in Sag Harbor. Nudists, beware!
  • North Carolina: In Dunn, it is illegal to play in traffic, to drive through a cemetery if you aren’t there to bury someone, and to drive on sidewalks.
  • Ohio: In Canton, if you are wearing roller skates, you cannot share the streets with cars. Roller-skate somewhere else!
  • Oklahoma: It is illegal to read a comic book while driving. Other books? We aren’t so sure.
  • Oregon: It is illegal to leave your car door open longer than is deemed necessary.
  • Rhode Island: In Scituate, it is illegal to drive with beer in your vehicle even if it’s unopened. So what do you do if you’re a beer delivery driver? We don’t know.
  • South Carolina: In Hilton Head, it is illegal to store trash in your vehicle. This is due to an overabundance of rat problems.
  • West Virginia: In Mountain State, it is perfectly legal for anybody to scavenge road kill. Bon Appetit!.

More on New Jersey
As your lawyers located in New Jersey, we can extend a bit on these bizarre driving laws and how they came to be. The honk-before-passing law of New Jersey actually came to be in 1928! Motorists must not only honk before passing another car, but also if they are passing a bicyclist, skater, or skateboarder. However, if you come to New Jersey the roads may not be as noisy as you imagine them to be – many people don’t follow this law.

Another law enacted in New Jersey makes it impossible to apply for a vanity license plate if you have been convicted for a DUI. Just one more reason to never drive while intoxicated, right. Laws are set in place for reasons, sometimes unchanging over many years. If you are curious about more laws, or if you believe you have a legal claim, you can contact MDL in New Jersey or New York today.